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Dental Implants Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone have dental implants?

Generally, anyone who lost one or several teeth can have dental implants. The jaw bone quality is the main required condition. Some behaviours: excessive smoking or poor oral hygiene can harm the treatments. A preliminary appointment with Dr. Tremblay or one of our dentists is necessary to determine if you are a good candidate.

Is the procedure painful?

A local anesthesia makes the procedure painless. After the procedure, a slight discomfort of the gums can be felt. Patients are almost always surprised to realize that the procedure caused them very little or no discomfort at all.

After the procedure, will I be "toothless"?

In all cases, temporary teeth will be placed following the procedure to assure that our patients will not be deprived of teeth during the waiting period.

What is the success rate?

With the many advances in implant dentistry (surgery and materials) the success rate is around 95%. The other 5%, we notice the conditions are less favourable to success due to excessive smoking, for example. However, in the rare failed cases, it is possible to replace a new dental implant with a widely increased success rate.

What is the duration of the procedure?

Depending on how many dental implants need to be placed and the location of the surgery in the mouth, duration of the surgeries vary. For example, you should anticipate approximately 30 minutes for one dental implant. But, you should anticipate approximately 1 hour to place 4 dental implants for a complete lower prosthesis. During the consultation appointment, a treatment plan will be determined according to your needs.

What is the full treatment duration?

Sometimes, it is possible to install a temporary screwed prosthesis following the surgery. A period of 3 to 6 months is necessary for the dental implants to osseointegrate. As already mentioned, temporary teeth are always placed during this period. Then, the final denture is created.

Do we always need a bone graft?

With the technology advances, it is possible to diagnose the bone condition in 3D with. We can then avoid bone graft in many cases. However, if the graft is necessary, it can be done prior to placing the dental implants and often, the dental implants and the bone graft can be placed at the same appointment. During your consultation appointment, your needs will be evaluated and procedures will be mentioned.

How much do dental implants cost ?

Prices for dental implants vary according to the number of dental implants needed and what types of materials are used to replace the missing teeth. Bone grafts can also influence the price. Depending on your needs and objectives in terms of results, a fully detailed estimate will be given to you at your consultation appointment. In many cases, multiple options can be given.

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