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Our team is now equipped and trained to offer you Invisalign; the procedure is suitable for teenagers and adults. These are transparent shells that clings, "clips", to the teeth and cause a corrective and painless movement of the latter. This treatment is an effective, discreet and comfortable alternative to traditional braces. Most of the malocclusions can be rectified with Invisalign, and the quality of the result as well as the simple and aesthetic process make it an option we are proud to put at your disposal.


One of the great qualities of this orthodontic treatment lies in easier hygiene, compared to the braces. Just remove the gutters to floss and clean the teeth regularly. You can eat without restriction because the shells are removed during meals, so with proper maintenance of the teeth and the device, this treatment is really invisible and simple.


Meetings with the dentist, which are less numerous than similar treatments usually require, can be extended from 6 to 18 months. We start by making an impression of your teeth, the purpose of this step is to identify what needs to be corrected and if Invisalign is a possible solution. Dr. Marina D'Souza's expertise allows her to provide you with a detailed treatment plan. The details are discussed and we start the process of fabricating the gutters.

Thereafter, the transparent shells, which must be changed periodically according to the indications of the dentist, will be given to you. Follow-ups are done and we propose to complete the cycle with a whitening treatment, with no charge.


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