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Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge

The dental bridge is also called fixed bridge allows to replace one or several missing teeth by leaning on the adjacent teeth thanks to dental crowns.

This dental procedure is considered by the dentist when the patient had root canals or major repairs done to the adjacent teeth. A dental bridge is used to:

  • Close a dental gap
  • Improve your diction quality
  • Rehabilitate the chewing function
  • Prevent adjacent teeth movement

The Dental Procedure

The first step for the dentist consists of preparing the adjacent teeth as anchors to the missing teeth. Then, dental crowns and replacement teeth are fabricated in the lab. Finally, the last step consists of cementing the bridge on the adjacent teeth.

The life span of a dental bridge is generally between 10 and 20 years, if you take good care of it and visit your dentist regularly for follow-ups.

You still have questions regarding our prosthodontics services or dental bridges? Contact our general dentists at Signature Dentaire Montréal-Rosemont.


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