A few teeth

A few teeth

Fix Bridge On Dental Implants

Sometimes, it is possible to join teeth by installing less dental implants and still benefit from the well-being of having permanent fixed teeth. On these pictures, we notice that in order to replace the patient’s 4 missing teeth, we have placed an upper anterior bridge of 4 teeth resting on only 2 dental implants.

Anterior Fixed Bridge

Posterior Fixed Bridge

In the case below, to replace 3 missing teeth on the bottom left and 3 missing teeth on the bottom right, we have placed 2 bridges of 3 teeth each resting on 2 dental implants each side.


Removable Partial Prosthesis 

Unique Partial Prostheses

Le Centre d'Implantologie Montréal-Rosemont possesses cutting-edge technologies to offer you unique prostheses as well as removable partial prostheses resting on dental implants.

A Custom-Made Implant Dentistry Service in Montreal

With an experience of nearly 30 years in implant dentistry and cutting-edge equipment, we offer an exceptional implant dentistry service in Montreal. To find out more about our services, you can contact us at 514-899-9991 or you can register to one of our information sessions.

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