Fix Dentures

Fix Dentures

Zirconium-porcelain fixed prostheses meet several important criterias such as solidity, durability and esthetics.

Upper fixed prosthesis on 8 dental implants

Lower fixed prosthesis on 6 dental implants

It is now possible to have porcelain teeth over a zirconium oxide understructure.  Zirconium offers the most efficiency regarding durability, solidity, stability and biocompatibility. It is an excellent alternative to metal for strenght while being more esthetic and biocompatible.

Non metal, zirconium oxide meets the highest expectations regarding esthetics. The precision in the confection of bars and teeth allow such achievement. Zirconium made teeth are more translucent, similar to natural teeth. It often provides flawless esthetic for the final results. Since zirconium teeth are screwed into the implants, implant supported zirconium upper prothesis leave the palate unobstructed and completery free allowing better comfort and taste when eating. 

When well taken care of, the gums remain healthy and pink around the zirconium made teeth thanks to its biocompatibility properties. Thus, allergic reactions are not known to zirconium and people who are sensitive to metal can now appreciate a better quality material. 

This patient wears her zirconium-porcelain prosthesis with confidence!

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