all-on-4 treatment

All on4

The therapeutic All-on-4 concept replaces missing teeth with a complete bridge supported by only four dental implants.

Great solution and good value for your money. Your new substitute teeth only require four dental implants per jaw. Fewer implants equal reduced costs.

Minimal resort to bone graft. The inclination of two of the four dental implants promotes sound and stable anchoring of the prosthesis and often makes the bone graft unnecessary.

Reduced duration of the treatment and healing. If conditions allow it, the prosthesis can be fixed to the implants immediately after they are placed without waiting for healing time between the surgery and the placing of the new fixed prosthesis.

Flexibility. You can choose the final prosthesis solution that suits you best.

Proven Concept and Scientifically Documented.
All-on-4 is validated by excellent clinical results from trials during which four implants were put in to support a complete arch. The implant inclination has been successfully used in the clinical practice for over 25 years.

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